Heavy Duty Concrete & Tile Cleaner

Aggressive Alkaline Formula Deep Cleans Concrete and Stone Surfaces

Easy To Rinse

Residue Free

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Aggressor is a powerful cleaning agent used to clean industrial concrete, epoxy coated floors and many other heavily trafficked industrial areas.

Aggressor may also be used to remove soils and biologic contaminants on ceramic tile and grout surfaces in restrooms. 

Aggressor saponifies and emulsifies oil, grease, fatty solids, hydraulic fluids and cutting oils to quickly restore concrete to a perfect, non-slippery surface. Aggressor may be used in mop buckets, automatic scrub machines, and pressure washers.

For light cleaning, use 2 oz Aggressor per one gallon of water. For industrial cleaning, use 8 oz. Aggressor per gallon of water.