Fiber Tread

Fiberglass Stair Treads & Panels

Grit Coated Fiberglass Fastens To Stairs, Landings, Walkways and Ramps

Available In Two Textures - Heavy, Medium

Stair Treads Offered in 9" & 11.75" Depths

Flat Panels Offered in 4'x8'

Inquire For Custom Lengths

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Black/Yellow Two Tone

Fiber Tread Step Covers and Panels are covered with multi-layer grit application, which provides a textured surface offering the ultimate protection against slips and falls. The grit absorbs water and at the same time provides stability while navigating staircases and sloped walkways.

Available in Black, Yellow and Black/Yellow combination, Fiber Tread provides a highly visible surface for heavily-trafficked stairs and ramps.

Additionally, Fiber Tread maintains distinct advantages over paints and coatings. Since Fiber Tread is mechanically fastened to concrete, wood, and steel, users avoid the typical downtime experienced with cleaning the surface, painting and waiting for the applied material to dry. Fiber Tread is installed in minutes and provides durability lasting up to 10 times the wear life of deck paints.

Offered if two depths (9" & 11.75"), Fiber Tread is shipped in four standard lengths (24",36",48",60") Please inquire for custom lengths to the nearest inch.

Fiber Tread is a proven favorite for hospitals, municipal buildings, industrial plants, petroleum facilities, feed mills, food processing facilities, rail yards, rooftop applications and many more!