Professional Roof Repair

50 Times Stronger Than Plastic Cement

Can Be Applied To Wet Surfaces; Cures In Standing Water

300% Elasticity Without Tearing

25 Year Repair - Seams, Flashings, Pitch Pockets, HVAC Units, Parapets, Copings, etc.

Bonds Superbly To EPDM, TPO, Fiberglass, Modified Bitumen, Metal & Many More

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Introducing the ultimate in professional roof repair, Flash-Pro provides an instant seal on virtually any roofing surface for a permanent repair, including TPO, EPDM, fiberglass, modified bitumen, and metal. Simply apply Flash-Pro with a roofing trowel or disposable chip brush and spread to a 1/8" thickness. No more cutting - no more torches - simply spread! 

Flash-Pro expands and contracts naturally with any roof surface ensuring that any repair maintains a permanent, 25-year seal. With a 300% elasticity, Flash-Pro endures the most strenuous temperature fluctuations. Wet or dry, Flash-Pro is the choice for any roofing system where a permanent repair is desired. 

Apply Flash-Pro to seams, flashings, skylights, around HVAC units, pitch pockets, parapets, copings, gutter seams, HVAC drip pans, and many more.