Patch Master

Concrete Repair

Four Times Harder Than Standard Concrete - Truly Permanent Repair

100% Solids - Will Not Shrink Or Contract

Easily Withstands Forklifts, Steel Wheels, Chemical Spillage, etc.

Cure Strength Of 14,500 PSI

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Patch Master is a 100% solids epoxy mortar designed to repair concrete in a variety of heavy duty environments. The pre-proportioned kit includes base, hardener and a quartz based aggregate pack that when mixed provides a cured mortar rated above 14,000 PSI. 

Patch Master is also a superior product when used in food processing facilities as it is virtually odorless and VOC compliant. 

Patch Master is easily mixed in its own container. Using a power mixer or heavy duty drill, the base and hardener are mixed for 2-3 minutes on low speed. The aggregate pack can then be added to form the mortar, slowly combining until all aggregate is evenly mixed.

Patch Master will self level but it is advised to use a trowel to feather the material to a fine edge with the existing concrete surface.