Entrance Rug

Keeps Floors Clean & Dry

Hose Or Pressure Wash To Clean

Longest Life of Any Mat Sold

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Treadstar is the ultimate in floor protection and safety. Here's why:


Treadstar has a nitrile rubber backing, which doesn't curl or crack during the life of the mat. We offer two finishes on our Treadstar rug: cleated or smooth. Cleated provides maximum grip on vinyl and ceramic floors; smooth will mate perfectly with hardwood floors. Our premium backing allows the mat to stay in place without the frustration of constant adjustment. 


Treadstar offers a synthetic fiber face that resists wear and staining. Additionally, each unique square is rubber reinforced for maximum scraping action. This keeps your floor clean and dry. Treadstar holds an incredible 1.5 gallons of water per yard of the material without transfer to the floor, providing impeccable protection from heavy traffic and poor weather conditions.


Here's a guide - call us for custom sizes.

Commercial Double Doors- Light to Medium Traffic - 4x6

Single Doors - 2x3, 3x4, 3x5, 3x10

Commercial Double Doors - Heavy Traffic - 6x6, 6x8

Split Single Doors With Glass Divider - 4x8, 6x8