Treadstar Fountain

Water Fountain Mat

Keeps Floors Clean and Dry

Holds Gallons Of Water Without Leaching To the Floor

Dries Without Hanging

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Blue Slate
Fire Red
Forest Green
Light Brown
Red Pepper
Royal Blue

Treadstar Fountain Floor Protector promotes safety and protects floors at school water fountains, sinks, lavatories, spas, nursing home showers and many more. Available in 16 colors and many sizes, including custom lengths, Treadstar Fountain meets the highest design standards.

TreadStar Fountain keeps wet areas safe by holding up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard without leaching off the side of the mat. Its unique waffle face traps water below the surface and also allows air circulate through the face of the mat, expediting a fast dry time, usually within 20 minutes.

TreadStar Fountain is backed with a cleated, all-rubber backing that will not move and does not yellow waxed floors. With its polypropylene fiber face, these unique mats dry quickly and will not harbor odor. Cleaning is easy with a hose or pressure washer.

TreadStar Fountain is excellent when used under wall mounted and free standing fountains, wash basins, and kindergarten/pre-school rooms. These mats will dry day to day without hanging, will not harbor odor and are easily cleaned with a hose. When placed under a fountain, TreadStar catches drips and splatter from tracking throughout hallways, keeping floors cleaner and safer.
Spas & Fitness Facilities
TreadStar is the perfect product when placed at locker rooms, whirlpools, hot tubs, showers, swimming pool decks, training rooms, etc. These durable floor products are bleach and chlorine proof and eliminate slip hazards.

Nursing Homes & Hospitals
When searching for the perfect choice for shower rooms and therapy rooms, TreadStar will trap water dripping from patients and wheelchairs and greatly reduce the water tracking in hallways. TreadStar is unique in its ability to stay in place in wheelchair traffic, trap water and dry quickly.